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The question I hear most often is: “do I need a PayPal account”?

No, You do NOT need a PayPal account.

Important PayPal Note:

Payments are made through PayPal because PayPal a safe and secure system protecting you and I against fraud. BUT, remember, You DO NOT need a PayPal account to make payment.


Memory Jogging Puzzles accepts:
• Credit Cards
• Debit Cards
• echecks
This process is done through PayPal for security.

••• I accept money orders, but the process takes longer, contact me for information.

To pay with your credit or debit card, Click on Pay with debit or credit card.



Total Cost + Shipping & Handling
Example of USA Shipping Rates:

$0 – $33 – $7.00
33 – $60 – $9.00
60 – $75 – $10.00
PRIORITY MAIL – on weight, unless requested.

Orders are shipped 3-5 business days, from Illinois. Large custom orders will take longer.

Most Important!

When entering information into PayPal form, your name, address & state must be spelled the same as on the card and correct. If not, PayPal will reject your card.

This is frustrating, but remember it is to protect both you and I. If you still have difficulties, contact me, I will help you with other options.

If you have further questions or comments, please contact – Karen Miller – 815.444.0661 or

Let’s say the puzzle you ordered is too difficult for your loved one. I will allow you to exchange it for one with less pieces, but the puzzle must be in perfect condition. You are responsible for shipping and request must be made within 2 days.

Thank you for visiting my website, come back again.

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