Problem Solving Easy Puzzles for Elderly, Dementia & Stroke Activities | Norman Rockwell {WTC}

Norman Rockwell, easy puzzles entice elderly, dementia and stroke patients to participate in problem solving exercise, stimulate emotions and memories.

Walking to Church is a puzzle cognitive exercise recommended for dementia and stroke patients.

Norman Rockwell illustrated “Walking to Church” for The Saturday Evening Post  cover on April 4, 1953 ©1953

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Norman Rockwell Large Piece Puzzle
Walking To Church

20 Piece Puzzle

Memory Jogging Puzzles are puzzles individuals with dementia and in stroke recovery can easily handle.

Easy Puzzles; Wooden Puzzles; Cognitive Exercise

20 piece puzzle >>large pieces

20 piece puzzle is cognitive exercise recommended for elderly to early onset dementia; exercise for stroke patients.

20 piece wooden puzzle, cognitive exercises, puzzles for elderly, wooden puzzles, memory jogging puzzles
20 piece puzzle
average size
1-3/4 x 2-1/4″

• Adult age appropriate

• Different size puzzles for different stages of dementia.

• Designed to keep puzzle & puzzle pieces visible & within reach, great feature for individuals with limited mobility.

• Nostalgic storytelling themes stimulate fond memories.

Puzzles fit nicely on lunch trays.

• Another great feature, protective laminate non-glare top surface, great for easy wipe off.

• Wooden Puzzles custom cut, one at a time; large thick chunky pieces for easy handling.

• Puzzle size – 6×8″ 1/4″ thick Mahogany plywood, Made in USA

• All Memory Jogging Puzzles have same features.