Meet Henry a dementia patient, who loves music

Meet Henry a dementia patient, who loves music

It is amazing when dementia patients like Henry tap into their memory bank and recall songs of yesterday.

Sometimes we need to see it with our own eyes before grasping how amazing it is.

I was amazed while working with dementia patients with songs of yesterday. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. These dementia patients had the ability to reach into their memories, recall music and the words to these songs. Even those who didn’t talk, came alive when hearing these old melodies.

One gentleman in a wheelchair was dancing with activities assistant.###

Henry’s emotional video is proof dementia patients have buried memories and feelings stored away in their memory bank. And it takes someone dedicated to their well being, to tap into it, helping them come alive.

He not only feels the beat he. . . check it out for yourself.

Music & Memory’s Work

Meet Henry, who suffered from dementia for a decade and barely said a word to anyone—until Music & Memory set up an iPod program at his nursing home:

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The Therapeutic Benefits of Personalized Music

Henry’s remarkable re-awakening is not unique. In hundreds of MUSIC & MEMORY℠ Certified Care Organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada, we’ve helped thousands of individuals struggling from dementia and other chronic cognitive and physical impairments reconnect with family, friends and caregivers through our personalized digital music program.

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Music for dementia patients

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Dementia patients come alive and sing a long with these melodies from: 40’s, 50’s, 60’s.