What determined Jigsaw Puzzle Size & Shape?

What determined Jigsaw Puzzle Size & Shape?

My desire to give your loved one a jigsaw puzzle which they could complete, and feel success not failure while stimulating their mind and brain.

Memory Jogging Puzzles paid attention to small details important to elderly with shaky hands and stroke victims with limited mobility.

These jigsaw puzzles have fewer pieces which will encourage participation. This size puzzle will help keep dementia patients focused, enabling completion of their puzzle; and the chunky large pieces are easier to pick up and put into place. Large chunky pieces are great for shaky hands, arthritis and those with larger hands. Men love large thick puzzle pieces.

Puzzle Size & Shape reduces frustration

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6 piece puzzles – average piece size 2×3″ – 3×4″- Wooden Custom Puzzles with thick large pieces – 6 piece puzzles are recommended for middle to late stage of Alzheimer’s Disease; Dementia and stroke patients.

12 piece puzzles – average piece size 2×2-1/4″. Wooden Custom Puzzles with thick large pieces recommended for early – middle stage of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and stroke patients.

20 piece puzzles – average piece size 1-3/4 x 2″ up to 2 x 2-1/2. Wooden Custom Puzzles with thick large pieces – recommended for elderly to middle stage Alzheimer’s Disease.

Each puzzle of Memory Jogging Puzzles is determined by user level or stage in Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia care and elderly patients with disabilities.

If you aren’t sure which level or stage your loved one is in, start with easy 6 piece puzzle for middle stage of Alzheimer’s Dementia, it has large chunky puzzle pieces. Or perhaps I can help, call: 815-444-0661.

Comparing these puzzle pieces to cardboard/chipboard, actually, there is no comparison PERIOD. Memory Jogging Puzzles are far superior; much easier to handle and Less frustrating.

Completing the puzzle will help rebuild problem solving skills and more important putting the puzzle together will help build self esteem and self confidence.

One thing for sure 1 size puzzle does NOT meet everyone’s needs.

Small Puzzles are Powerful memory support activities for dementia patients!

These wooden jigsaw puzzles are 6×8″ – made of 1/4″ thick Mahogany plywood making them extremely durable. Memory Jogging Puzzles have a protective, non-glare laminate top surface which is nice when patients are working in fluorescent lighting or on a sunny day outside. Laminate material is also great for easy wipe-off.

Also called memory puzzles, they have unique custom cuts, puzzles are cut one at a time; and Memory Jogging Puzzles have been tested by seniors, Alzheimer, dementia and stroke patients with huge success.

Jigsaw Puzzles being used for brain training and rebuilding problem solving skills should be designed for different stages or levels of patients.

Benefits of Memory Jogging Puzzles

Working routinely with your loved one:

• You will see improvement in their problem solving skills.
• You will notice their hands relaxing and movements will be smoother.
• You will notice quicker decisions.
• You will connect with your loved one.
• You hear memories as they work on puzzles.
• You will have a good feeling, being the bearer of these great gifts of hope.

Are you wondering if your loved one in middle – late stage Alzheimer Disease could work with these puzzles. Take a peek… Mary has Dementia and interesting technique

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frustrated man signs of frustrationWhy do dementia activities frustrate dementia patient?

Do puzzles help Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Stroke patients?answers to are puzzles good for alzheimer, dementia and stroke patiets

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