Testimonials from customers

Testimonials from customers

hi Karen,
I highly recommend these puzzles. They are high quality and the perfect size for grasping. Patrice Wheaton @ Wheaton’s Private Care Center, PA~~~

I discovered early on in the Alzheimer’s journey with my dad that doing simple jigsaw puzzles provided him such a sense of self-esteem.

However, it was almost impossible to find puzzles commercially that weren’t too childish.

Your puzzles have just the right number of pieces that he can handle without frustration, and the Rockwell themes are all so lovely. I am one satisfied customer. Thanks again! Tanis M, Canada~~~

Powerful Jigsaw Puzzles for your loved one with dementia

What fast turnaround, that’s great. I was very happy to find your website, since I had read about the puzzles you had available for dementia/Alzheimer’s patients.

Thanks so much for providing such a wide variety of puzzles. Carol~~~

“Like! Thank you for creating these great puzzles. I remember doing puzzles with a woman who was the wife of a high-ranking official, who would say, “I don’t do that kind of thing..” and proceeded to finish whatever puzzle we worked on. Tryn Rose Seley_Facebook~~~

I love your puzzles but unfortunately my husband was too angry when he still had the skills to reminisce. Now he is sweet and calm again. Phyllis W. Palm Phd._facebook~~~

The puzzles arrived today. I was worried they wouldn’t come by
Christmas, and now I can put that worry behind me. Thank you for expediting the order so quickly. I love them both, and I’m sure Dad will too. There are so many interesting little faces and details in the bus picture. I’m sure we’ll both have some laughs about that one.

Also, thank you so much for the Memory cards!!! A very nice surprise on a day when many things seemed to be going awry at the nursing home. They’re great, and will be an extra stocking stuffer for my dad. Also great that it’s something he and I can do together.

Dad tends to work on the puzzles on his own. They’ve really become “his thing” and, as I said before, he does them every day. I break them up when I go to visit, and they’re always done the next time I come to the room.

It’s wonderful to watch him do them, as he concentrates very deeply, and is so pleased with himself when he’s done. It’s such a great tool you’ve come up with, and I thank you very much.

Hoping you have a lovely Christmas. Tanis~~~

I received these in the mail last night. They look great. I hope my grandmother will love them. Have a great (upcoming) weekend! Best, Luke~~~

You are so right about the images. They are so colorful and inviting, with a soothing effect. Your products went well beyond my expectations. JD~~~

I was impressed with your subject matter and your prices were so much more reasonable than what I looked at on the few other sites I could find. Kathy – TN Sent to her father~~~

Your website was most helpful and your products looked different than some others I had seen for people with Alzheimers / Dementia.

about Karen Miller

Thank you for giving me hope that there might still be a way to engage my mother in life. Jane – MO Jane’s mother 91, in nursing care~~~

Hello Karen! I just got the Memory Cards in the mail today and I’m so excited to use them! They have such nostalgic images on them that I know my residents will love them!

Games For Dementia Should Be Played. . .

And a huge thanks for the gift of the Happy Days memory game, too! Very sweet of you. I purchase a lot of games, etc. out of my own pocket. As is the case with most extended care facilities, funding is always the issue, and it seems that the therapeutic department (at least where I work) is last on the list for dollars.

So anything that I can get for my ‘people’ is very, very much appreciated! I’ll let you know how much they enjoy the games! Thanks again! Alisa~~~

Alzheimer’s Conference~~~
“The Saturday Evening Post themes are fun and will make it easy to start a conversation. Oh, these are wood, they will last a long time”. Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

“I like the size of your products. Mom will enjoy just looking at them”. Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

“Good for reminiscing and conversation. This will make visiting dad much easier, it will give me something to do with him. It’s very difficult sometimes, not knowing what to do when I visit”. Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

“The cards are fun to look at and a way to interact with mom. Great Idea”! Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

“The puzzle is good because they can handle it and it won’t take long to put together”. Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

“I like the themes because they are my parents era and easy to talk about; the puzzle pieces are large, a very nice size”. Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

“I’m also pleased with the quality of the cards and the puzzles”. Alzheimer’s Conference~~~

I just received your products in the mail yesterday and it is just what my father needs! Unfortunately he has dementia and is not doing well. But I am hoping the games and puzzle will stimulate his mind.

You are so right about the images. They are so colorful and inviting, with a soothing effect. Your products went well beyond my expectations.

Thank you so much for selling such nice products. My family and I are extremely grateful for your service. I am sure my father will love them. Kind regards, Joan~~~

I worked in a Nursing Home for 27 years before retiring. I worked in the Activity Department and began using the memory jogging puzzles after my retirement when I started Volunteering at Day Care and Retirement Homes.

The caregiver kit has been the best thing that I have ever seen to keep a residents attention and get them to reminisce about themselves and others from the past years.

I would recommend every Activity Director have this kit in there department for a weekly activity or an extra, for I know it is a crowd pleaser and will put smiles on everyone’s faces. It’s easy and makes everyone talk and visit with one another.

Thank you so much, Birdie Scroggins, AD, CAP~~~