The Saturday Evening Post Article

The Saturday Evening Post Article


We don’t often talk about new games in this column, but we think our readers will understand why these beautiful jigsaw puzzles caught our attention. Not only does each one feature a Saturday Evening Post cover by Norman Rockwell, but the 6- and 12-piece wooden puzzles are also designed especially for the enjoyment and benefit of people with memory problems.”

Memory Jogging Puzzles are the brainchild of graphic designer Karen Miller, who, after reading an article about Alzheimer’s disease and contacting activity directors at memory care centers, discovered an unmet need for simple puzzles with adult themes. Miller was also inspired by memories of her mother, an avid puzzle solver before strokes and memory loss left her unable to manipulate small pieces.

Best Puzzles for Dementia


I was a little nervous about the reaction I was going to receive from residents of a memory treatment center when using my products for the first time,” admits Miller, who also created oversized playing cards with the same Norman Rockwell themes. “Then, we did the puzzles, played the card games, laughed, talked, and reminisced. I don’t know who enjoyed it most, them or me!”

Powerful Jigsaw Puzzles for your loved one with dementia

Caregivers and loved ones also report rewarding results with the products. For more information and to order, visit or call Karen Miller at 1-815-444-0661 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 pm (cmt).

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